Tom Brierton

Stop-Motion Animator

Armature Machinist


219-513-6930, U.S.A.




Offspring is the story about a dragon who teaches her child dragon how to fly, but it comes at a price.

copyright, Tom Brierton  2018

the mermaid.jpg


When a young man accidentally kills a mother and her child in an alcohol-related driving tragedy, he falls into a deep depression

Paralyzed from the waist down, he is acquitted of the accident, but nonetheless cannot live with himself.

When he visits a lake late one night to commit suicide, his life takes an unexpected dramatic turn , when he is visited by an apparition unlike anything he has ever seen.

This film is to be a live-action film, but with a stop-motion animated mermaid.

copyright, Tom Brierton  2018

The Labyrinth Poster2.jpg

Click on the above link to go to The Labyrinth Kickstarter page, to see some of the work that was created for the project.

copyright, Tom Brierton  2015